Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Newest Wholesalers in the United States! Welcome Aboard!

By state, here is a listing of our newest distributor partners in the United States. Please contact these wholesalers should you be on the search for Gerard Bertrand wines in your area.

Indiana - In Vie
Kentucky - Cutting Edge
Maine - MS Walker
Massachusetts - MS Walker
Minnesota - Quality Wine Group
Missouri - A. Bommarito
Montana - Summit Beverage
New Hampshire - MS Walker
North Carolina - Wisdom Beverage
Ohio - Cutting Edge
Rhode Island - MS Walker
Tennessee - Best Brands
Vermont - MS Walker


TrudyB said...

I have enjoyed Gerard Bertrand's wines in France and Texas. Sadly it is longer distributed in Texas. I paid shipping from California the last time I bought some and it was expensive. I wish a distributer would ship to Texas. I would be a repeat and happy customer.

TrudyB said...

I thoroughly enjoy Gerard Bertrand wines. I used to be able to buy it in Texas but can't any longer. In Paris there were a lot to choose from and I liked every one I tried.

Matt Perrone said...

trudyb. Thank you for your very kind comments regarding the wines. We are actively seeking a good wholesale partner for Gerard Bertrand in Texas and I hope that it won't be too long before the wines are available in your state again. Matt

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt,

I'm a very satisfied Gerard Bertrand consumer, in Texas. Has GB been able to locate a distributor in this state? Or, is there an alternative to purchase, that you can recommend?

Matt Perrone said...

Not yet in Texas and unfortunately, there is no other outlet such as wine.com with which to receive our wine in the state. Hopefully, we will be in Texas soon. I apologize wholeheratedly for the inconvenience.